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A.N.N.A. Rules
From the episode: "The King Is Dead"
Singers: Chorus, Peter Griffin, Brian Griffin
Voices: Chorus, Seth MacFarlane

"A.N.N.A. Rules" is the finale song from Peter Griffin's version of The King and I, performed in "The King Is Dead".


Chorus: A.N.N.A. rules!

Peter: 'Cause I kick all the bad guys in their jewels!

Chorus: A.N.N.A. won!

Peter: Thanks to my gamma ray atomic gun

Chorus: Dance and shout, he's the world's greatest ninja there's no doubt

Peter: Though they try to defeat me, they can all just freakin' eat me

Brian: 'Cause he blew all of us away

Peter (and Chorus): On the planet of Siam there's no one as tough as I am, just as surely as Paul Lynde was gay!

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