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  • This episode marks the first time in Family Guy where animation directors are credited as writers.
  • Peter changes the name on Meg's birth certificate to "Megatron", even though most characters call her "Megan". It also doesn't feature Meg's middle name.
    • In "Inside Family Guy", the hallways of the production offices feature props from past episodes including the Megatron birth certificate.
  • This is the first episode to contradict Quagmire's established age of 61 as his encounter with Tracey Bellings as a youth is set in 1986. However, he is clearly an older adult by 1988 in "Meet the Quagmires".
  • Stewie imagines a Menstrual Cycle as a creation inspired by Dr. Seuss. Meg later rides off on just such a device.
  • Meg's sex tape video displays "1 views", instead of "1 view".
  • When Meg opens her locker it's shown that she has a child, which she keeps locked in there.
  • This is the second time Brian has been shaved after "Breaking Out is Hard to Do" in which Peter sets up a cutaway poking fun at swimmer Greg Louganis.

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