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  • In the opening credits, this is the first episode to clearly show the children in the pictures behind Lois at the piano. The photographs of the Griffin children were redrawn for this episode. The transition ends showing them in much too high detail, something corrected a few episodes later. Also, a single frame shows the picture of Meg oversized out of proportion.
  • The end credits appear in all capital letters instead of the usual mixed-case style.
  • Stewie mentions that "As soon as my movie deal kicks in, I am such a ghost!" Stewie would eventually have a direct to DVD movie in 2005, Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story.
  • One of the screams heard at Bob's Funland is taken from the computer game RollerCoaster Tycoon.
  • This is the first example of the running gag with Chris and others saying "Whaaa?"
  • The Griffins pass a New York bus saying, “CBS: Why watch what everyone else is watching?”
  • While riding in the taxi, the Griffins listen to a recording of David Leisure, who tries to remind people of his old roles, but is frustrated that nobody remembers him.
  • In a cutaway, Walt Disney is seen drawing a picture of Minnie Mouse, ordering her to strip, much to her distress.
  • In another cutaway, former Murphy Brown stars Candice Bergen (as Murphy), Faith Ford (as Corky Sherwood), Joe Regalbuto (as Frank Fontana), and Charles Kimbrough (as Jim Dial) inject dated “buzzwords” into a nondescript conversation, poking fun at the show’s topical humor. Bergen had previously appeared in "I Am Peter, Hear Me Roar" as Gloria Ironbachs.
  • The play at which Peter embarrasses Brian is Anton Chekhov's Uncle Vanya.
  • The Griffins point out two of the main tourist attractions of New York: Central Park and the Empire State Building.
  • Peter mentions actress Gina Gershon. He says “You mean like Gina Gershon beautiful or beautiful beautiful?”
  • Meg is able to annoy pigeons and Big Bird from Sesame Street with her bird calls.
  • When Peter says that he’d sell his soul to be famous, the scene cuts to Satan being pleased at these words, only to find that Peter has already sold his soul. Twice in fact; once for Bee Gees tickets, and again several years later for half a Mallomar.
  • Stewie sees an evil looking clown at a game stand and comments that “it looks like something out of Stephen King.” King’s novel and telefilm It featured an evil clown named "Pennywise". The film also co-starred cast member Seth Green.
  • Peter expresses his excitement about going to Bob’s Funland and Putt-Putt Golf by parodying a Kellogg's Frosted Mini-Wheats commercial. The commercial was parodied again in "Prick Up Your Ears," using Michael Jackson.
  • Peter compares Chris to New York City’s then-mayor, Rudy Giuliani, as “the best thing to happen to New York since Giuliani had all the homeless people secretly killed.” This is a nod to the mayor’s major crackdown on crime.
  • In the scene where Peter and Meg are standing at Washington Square Park with a hat doing the bird calls, you can briefly see Art Garfunkel, playing his guitar and singing.
  • The scenes around New York as the Griffins arrive in a taxi simulate the "loose-camera" style pioneered by NYPD Blue.
  • The scene where a bull is shown examining china in a china shop is a nod to the idiomatic expression, "act like a bull in a china shop."
  • The roller coaster at Bob's Funland Amusement Park is named the "Metor". A likely misspelling of Meteor given that the sign depicts a meteor. The shooting gallery is also misspelled as "Shoottng Gallery."
  • When Brian talks about Antonio Monatti, he says he met him during the 1970's, However, Brian claims he is 7 years of age.

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