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  • This episode was originally registered under the title "Keep on Truckin'".[1]
  • The second season episode “Death Is a Bitch” also alluded to the Airport films, in that particular instance with an “Airport ’00” graphic during the Channel 5 News.
  • This was the first time that the September 11, 2001 attacks has been used as a direct source of humor in any of Seth MacFarlane’s work. MacFarlane was supposed to board one of the planes which would later be hijacked and flown into the World Trade Center but missed the flight.
  • When Peter is pretending to be a redneck, he pulls out a can of Skoal tobacco and starts to dip.
  • Peter, still in redneck garb, watches an episode of Cosmos: A Personal Voyage, edited for rednecks. In it, Carl Sagan states facts that a southern redneck would believe in.
  • Stewie comments that living with Quagmire would be worse than living with Marlee Matlin. A flashback is shown of Stewie living with Matlin, who, being deaf, is unaware of her chronic flatulence.
  • When Peter crashes into Quagmire’s car, thus freeing the women trapped inside it, he speaks fluent Thai to them as they flee: “Hey, where are you going? Come back here, you bitches! I already paid for you! Cheaters! I made a deal with your parents, why do you disobey me?”
  • Quagmire worked on the Starship Enterprise and states that the “black chick," meaning Uhura, is hot.
  • When Quagmire crashes the plane that he was flying as a result of the plane being out of gas, his copilot is revealed to be Nien Nunb from Return of the Jedi.
  • The movie the guys make fun of on the plane is Last Holiday starring Queen Latifah.
  • The three women that are seen by Hugh Hefner’s side as he is giving Quagmire a pep talk are most likely Holly Madison, Bridget Marquardt, and Kendra Wilkinson, Hefner’s three girlfriends of the time.
  • Brian remembers Stewie beating him up in "Patriot Games".
  • Even though the show Peter Griffin's Champagne Dance Party parodies The Lawrence Welk Show, the initials LW can still be seen on the orchestra's stands.
  • In the news simulation of the plane crashing into the school of bunnies and the man going home to beat his wife, the wife was originally slapped six times, seen in its entirety in the uncensored versions. The censored version cut the slapping down to four times.
  • When Peter talks about his crotch shot photo, it cuts to a parody of a photo of Britney Spears getting out of Paris Hilton’s car and her crotch is uncovered. Only in this photo, Peter is put into the shot with his penis pixeled out. On the uncensored DVD version of the episode, the penis is not censored and in full view.
  • An entire cutaway, which shows Quagmire’s job as Joe’s nurse where Joe asks Quagmire to help him commit suicide after putting up with Quagmire's incessant baby-talk was cut on the censored version.
  • After Quagmire had sex with the airport clerk, he tells her “Please exercise caution when standing up as the contents of your panties may have shifted during coitus.” The uncensored versions uses the original word “vagina” instead of “panties.”
  • When Hugh Hefner quotes John Holmes, he says “You know, I’ve got a 13-inch member...” Uncensored, he says, “You know, I’ve got a 13-inch penis...”
  • A part near the end where Peter mentions that he, Cleveland, and Joe were raped in a federal prison after getting arrested for causing the plane crash is cut in the censored versions.