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All I Need is the Boy
All I really Need
From the episode: Play It Again, Brian
Singers: Herbert
Voices: Mike Henry

All I Really Need is the Boy is a song from "Play It Again, Brian" sung by Herbert. It is a parody of "All I Need is the Girl" from the musical Gypsy. After being cut from the episode, it became a DVD-exclusive number. It made its television debut in "Brian & Stewie".


All I need


Herbert: Got my tweed pressed, got my best vest;

All I need now is the boy.

Got my striped tie, got my hopes high;

Got the time and the place and I got rhythm;

Now all I need is Chris to go with 'em.

If he'll just appear we'll

fill this big town full of joy.

And if he'll say "My, darling I'm yours"

I'll throw away my striped tie

and my best pressed tweed.

All I really need is the boy.

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