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  • This episode marks the first mention of Loretta Brown on Family Guy since her very last appearance in "Love, Blactually".
  • Jerome's age is revealed as 42.
  • Quagmire imagines Joe as Cheetara of the ThunderCats during his hallucination.
  • When trying to impress Chris with his forward-thinking, Peter claims it is still 1998.
  • After getting crank called, Cleveland says his friends are worse than the Jerky Boys, a comedy group of crank callers, one of which is Johnny Brennan, the voice of Mort.
  • "Thank the Whites" is based on Frank Sinatra's "Pass Me By".[1]
  • The blood in Peter's ear after striking his head is a sign of a life-threatening compression of the brain.[2]
  • The license plate on the Volkswagen matches that used in Footloose.

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