• When Stewie is trying to change his own diaper, he hears Cleveland and Quagmire knock on the door, and Stewie is naked. seconds later, he is fully dressed and knocks them out with a gas.
  • Peter enters the convenience store with Quagmire, Cleveland and Joe, but when he skips out of the store they are not there anymore.
  • When Stewie leaves the car to go back to sleep, he leaves the blanket unfolded. But when Lois checks on him in the car, it is folded up in the shape of Stewie's head.
  • Upon the family returning, Stewie is wearing nothing but an improviser diaper of Meg's hat. However, when he is looking out of the window he appeared to be wearing his yellow shirt. When the rest of the family walk in, however, he is back to wearing nothing but Meg's hat.
  • At the end of the episode Stewie looks out of the window. However, in other scenes his head isn't even as high as the wall below it.

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