Peter Missing
  • Peter is seen standing in the shot in front of Joe's door, but vanishes when the group ponders the Brian with its throat cut.
  • After all of the Brians and Stewies have arrived at the house and start arguing, just after the shot pans past the barber poles, one of the Stewies' feet are missing.
  • When Stewie and Brian are in the future looking at the living room, the pole of the staircase that Brian is holding suddenly becomes traditionally animated while the rest of the staircase remains computer animated.
  • When Stewie is taking the dead Brian back to his return pad, it leaves a trail of blood, when the camera angle changes, the blood is gone.
Differences from "Death Has a Shadow":
  • When Brian reminded Peter of the time the family went to see Philadelphia, Lois' arms were crossed, however they are at her sides here.
  • The window at the stag party is larger with a different shape and view. The curtains were originally hung loose and are now tied back. The house also has considerably more clutter visible. The background poster is different. The TV legs appear to be taller originally but are the same height in proportion to the men on the couch.
  • After Quagmire says "another beer!", Peter says "Alright, I'm going for the high score!" However, that does not occur in this episode, and Peter and Quagmire simply walk away instead.
  • There are several subtle differences between the first scene in the kitchen. The drawer next to the window in the kitchen is smaller. Several items are missing, including a pot of flowers on the kitchen table, one of the handles on what appears to be the dishwasher, the faucet for the sink and a bottle on the sink. The bottle and flowers re-appear on later scenes. The chair that Meg is sitting is is on the incorrect layer in the pilot, but the layers are correct in this episode.
  • In the scene after Lois responds to Stewie's threats, the coffee maker in the background is green in the pilot but grey here.
  • In the pilot, Peter takes money out of the bag and throws it to the stadium field. Here, he turns the bag upside down and pours the money out.
  • The judge stand has a different shape to it. The judge stand is also missing a book, a bottle of water and Peter's microphone during the first shot in the courtroom. All objects reappear in later shots.
  • The background where the Kool-Aid Man pops out of is different. The bushes are missing, several of the windows of the buildings are missing and many of the buildings are bigger.

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