• Meg is the fourth family member that Brian has kissed. The first was Peter in “Brian: Portrait of a Dog” even though it was on the cheek, the second was Stewie in “Peter Griffin: Husband, Father...Brother?”, “Deep Throats” and “Saving Private Brian” and the third was Lois in “The Perfect Castaway” even though it was on the cheek, as well, making Chris the only family member Brian has never kissed.
  • The two songs being played during the dance scene are “Hold on to the Nights” by Richard Marx and “Why” by Annie Lennox.
  • This was the second time that somebody whom Meg has asked out has made a personal sacrifice in order to get out of it. The first time, the guy shoots himself in the chest with a nail gun and tells Meg that he will be in the hospital and can't make it.
  • When Peter does his cavity inspection of Quagmire, he finds a cell phone, a door knob, a piece of cheese, a wind-up racecar, a live fish, a DVD of the 1997 Nickelodeon film Good Burger, a xylophone, and a mallet.
  • Mila Kunis was nominated for a 2007 Annie Award for her performance as Meg in this episode, but lost to Eartha Kitt for The Emperor's New School. Kirker Butler was also nominated for writing the episode, he lost to Ian Maxtone-Graham for The Simpsons episode "The Seemingly Neverending Story".[1]
  • Meg’s friends think that Brian resembles actor Ben Affleck.
  • When Stewie asks for some Cool Whip, Brian notices that he pronounces the wh with emphasis on the h. This is repeated when Meg tells Brian that they’re going to be at the hotel for a "whhile" and saying he's acting "whheird" even though that one doesn't even have an h in it, and again when Quagmire’s bedmates ask him if he brought the "whhip."
  • Joe admits he likes watching his wife Bonnie undress from afar, while imagining she is a strange woman who lives in his house. In "Love Thy Trophy", Bonnie herself is shown to have a similar fetish. In the episode. she is shown becoming aroused while watching her husband,along with Cleveland, distract Stewie's foster parents. She admits to Lois that she was getting turned on watching her husband pretending to be somebody else.
  • Quagmire hands Meg the book The Missing Piece by Shel Silverstein, a book that deals with relationships using a round creature missing a piece.
  • The townsfolk sing “A Brand New Day/Everybody Rejoice”, a song from the Broadway musical The Wiz.
  • Seth MacFarlane feels that "Barely Legal" was one of the best episodes Family Guy ever did. [2]
  • When Stewie presents Meg in a nice dress, Stewie says in the censored version, “FYI, the carpet matches the curtains, in color and length,” before it cuts to the outside shot of the school. In the uncensored versions, Stewie’s line was, “FYI, the carpet matches the curtains, in color and quantity,” and adds, “You ever see a blacksmith’s apron?” before the scene cuts to the outside of the school.
  • After the scene of Peter giving Quagmire a cavity search, there is an extra scene in the uncensored versions where Peter, Quagmire, Mort, and Cleveland are in a room, each drinking from a cup. Joe, explains that the four are part of a test to see if they can identify traces of PCP in the coffee they’re drinking. This causes Peter, Cleveland, and Mort to become paranoid over who drank the PCP and accuse each other of freaking out, but the real culprit turns out to be Quagmire when he wonders why his arm has so much skin on it and rips it off without feeling any pain.
  • In the scene where the guys are sitting in Peter's living room after becoming cops, and Joe is looking out the window, allegedly watching his wife Bonnie undress, it would be physically impossible for Joe to watch Bonnie undress from Peter's front window, being that Joe and Bonnie live next door to Peter, not across the street.
  • In the scene where Brian tries to bail out of spending the day with Meg, he says he’s going to do whatever Chris does on a Thursday afternoon, which is masturbate. Brian’s line after Chris says “masturbate” in the uncensored version is “Masturbate. We’re going to masturbate together.” The censored version only has one mention of the word “masturbate” and changes Brian’s line to “Yeah, that’s it. That’s what we’re going to do together,” to edit out the extra mentions of the word.
  • When Brian drunkenly stands up to Connie D’Amico for making fun of Meg, he states that the reason Connie is so insecure is because she developed early and in the censored version, “started putting out for guys when she was 12.” Uncensored states that Connie developed early and started “giving handjobs when she was 12.”
  • When Brian tries to explain to Lois why Meg is acting weird around him and ends up getting punched by Lois, Brian says in the censored version that Meg made him eat “the hair in her pie”, referring to the pie that Meg put her hair in so Brian will have a piece of her inside him. The uncensored version uses the more vulgar expression “hair pie,” which implies that Brian had oral sex with Meg.
  • When Peter and his buddies catch Meg seducing the captured Brian, Peter tells Brian that what he’s doing to Meg is worse than what Mia Farrow did to that Oriental guy that Woody Allen brought home from the circus. Uncensored, the racial slur “Chinaman” was used instead of “Oriental guy.”

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