• In a scene, Meg says "Do you feel me, Brian? Do you feel me inside of you?", referencing the film Casino.
  • The music playing when Peter and the gang arrive at the Quahog Police Academy bears similarities to the theme song from the Police Academy movies. Peter mentions that “it is our first day at Police Academy 4,” in which ordinary civilians are trained as police officers. Quagmire specifically also wears a T-shirt that says “ONE IN THE OVEN” as worn by Mahoney. During the scene when Peter and the boys raid Meg’s hotel room, Cleveland yells “Don’t move, dirtbag!”, a line that was said by Sgt. Hooks from Police Academy.
  • Most of Meg’s scenes where she obsesses over Brian are reminiscent to Glenn Close’s scenes in the film Fatal Attraction. Such as when Meg turns the lights on and off, while listening to opera and the "I won't be ignored, Brian" line Meg uses.
  • Garrett Morris cameoed as the “headmaster of the New York School for the Hard-of-Hearing,” a part that he played while a cast member on Saturday Night Live during Weekend Update. At the end, he says “Good night and have a pleasant tomorrow,” which was the closing line during Chevy Chase’s tenure on Weekend Update.

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