• The title is a reference to the phrase "Big man on campus"
  • Family Feud host Richard Dawson compares the crowd’s reaction to the premier of Bob Crane’s movies in his closet. Crane was noted for filming his lovemaking sessions, both straight and gay with the help of a friend, John Carpenter. Bob Crane was later murdered and John was accused but acquitted.
  • Lois shows Peter their honeymoon video to help him remember they are married. This is a reference to the Corona beer commercials which show 2 people sitting on the beach with a Corona beer sitting on the table between them.
  • Stewie introduces himself and Brian to Peter as "Tomax and Xamot", twin characters from G.I. Joe.
  • When Peter learns that Meg is his daughter he utters "D'oh!". Lois responds to this by telling him that it isn't his catchphrase. This is a reference to The Simpsons.
  • When Quagmire is sneaking up on Lois, he hums the theme to Jaws using his catchphrase, "giggity".
  • When Peter is searching through the old DVD collection, he finds a copy of the film Pretty Woman with a review by Gene Siskel complaining of pain. This is a reference to the then-developing malignant brain tumor that resulted in his death.

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