Big Pete's House of Munch was a Quahog restaurant owned and operated by Peter Griffin and his family. After finding an antique shipping token worth $50,000, Griffin was able to fulfill his long-shelved dream of owning a restaurant, which opened in "No Meals on Wheels" and closed it down by the end of the episode. Rat vomit was shown to be used in the dishes. One of the known entrees served was Rodney King Crab. The restaurant's commercial was a parody of a scene from The Sixth Sense.

The restaurant at first is a complete failure; however, Joe Swanson promises to bring his friends. Peter is at first excited because he believes it will become a hang out for police officers, only to find that Joe is actually bringing in fellow paraplegics. The restaurant becomes a huge success among handicapped people; however, Peter is convinced handicapped people are “uncool” and he bans them from entering. The handicaps turn into Crippletron and destroy the restaurant.