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  • The previous appearance of Bill Clinton was in “You May Now Kiss the...Uh...Guy Who Receives.” He also appeared in “Death Has a Shadow,” “Da Boom,” and “E. Peterbus Unum.” However, this is his first major appearance involving much of the plot.
  • This is the second show of Seth McFarlane’s to have a US president hang out with the main characters. In the American Dad! episode “Bush Comes to Dinner,” Stan Smith spends the episode with then-President George W. Bush and also the second time the show mentions Reagan. To a lesser extent, Bush would hang out with Meg and Chris, who trespassed onto Prairie Chapel Ranch, in "Boys Do Cry", a later episode.
  • When Bill and Peter make their first crank call, Bill dials the number for Linda Tripp and then yells at her for revealing his encounter with Monica Lewinsky.
  • While in the hospital Peter refers to Bill as Reagan.
  • Brian and Stewie don't know how to use the toilet, but Brian used it before in "Stewie Loves Lois".
  • When Peter and Bill Clinton are playing Dance Dance Revolution, the song they are dancing to is Aqua’s “Barbie Girl”. While Bill Clinton dances, his footsteps do not coordinate with what is on the screen, however the screen says "Perfect!"
  • Stewie refers to the Elephant Man as John Merrick, but his actual name was Joseph Merrick. In the film, The Elephant Man, the character is named John.
  • Footage of country singer Conway Twitty was featured twice in this episode singing “Your Love Had Taken Me That High” and “You’ve Never Been This Far Before”. The scene transition to his appearance is similar to a format used on Hee Haw.
  • Carter Pewterschmidt is watching an episode of Medium.
  • Brian and Stewie watch a toilet training video featuring Roy Scheider.
  • When Peter tells Lois that he'll make coffee for her, there is already coffee in the coffee pot.
  • The following scenes were censored:
    • Roy Scheider’s toilet training video was edited as “It’s not really about pushing as much as just relaxing and letting your body do what it does naturally” was changed to “It’s all about relaxing and letting your body do what it does naturally.”
    • Roy Scheider actually pulling down his pants was drastically shortened.
    • The brief shot of Brian and Stewie reacting to the video while Scheider's grunts can be heard in the uncensored versions.
    • Roy Scheider’s line after his “demonstration” on Adult Swim, “Now here’s Susan Saint James to help me wipe” was changed to “Now here’s Susan Saint James to powder my ass.”
    • Bill tells Lois if she’s up for a little NAFTA, a free trade agreement he defined as "'Nother afternoon fucking that ass.". On censored version, it was replaced with a scene of Bill asking Lois for the cigar he stuck inside her so he can smoke it.
    • Bill Clinton’s “exit polling” joke is cut short to remove Bill’s line, “It depends on what the definition of the word ‘jizz’ is” before it cuts to Lois saying that she was a worse wife than Lorena Bobbitt when she married the Thing.
    • The scenes where Quagmire tries to cheer up Peter by offering to rub his sack across their faces, then apologizing and stating that he does that for women when they’re depressed were cut.
    • The "you popped your butt cherry?" line is cut.
  • The cutaway gags involving Uma Thurman in "Pulp Fiction" & two guys typing screenplays at Starbucks were originally going to be in "Chick Cancer" as seen in the storyboard for the episode on the volume 5 DVD. But when the script for "Chick Cancer" was re-written to work Olivia into the plot, the two cutaway gags ended up in this episode.

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