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  • When Peter is bowling his shoes are colored but they change into his normal shoes a few moments later.
  • After the cruise ship Peter and Ernie the chicken were fighting on crashed into an airport lane, the rubble is white, but in the next shot it is dark gray.
  • When the cruise ship crashes onto the runway, the man directing air traffic disappears before the debris covers him.
  • When the cruise ship lands on the runway, it comes in on a corner of a building yet in the end shot it is shown in the middle of a row of buildings
  • When Peter, Joe, Quagmire, Cleveland, and Mort are inside the Drunken Clam, Joe's collar goes above his chin when his dialog starts.
  • When Peter dresses up as “Gary the No-trash Cougar” he fires a total of three shots into the air, but only two bullet cases fall to the ground.

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