• This is the second episode to include a fight with Peter and Ernie the Giant Chicken. Ernie appeared in “Da Boom”, but in the end of that episode it was revealed that the whole episode was a dream. In the DVD commentary for the Region 1 release, Seth MacFarlane says he wanted to give fans a sign that the old show was back.
  • During the chicken fight, there is a scene where the Peter is holding the chicken by the throat as they fall and the chicken falls face first on the floor. This actually is how the chicken was defeated in the previous battle, though this time he gets back up immediately and continues the fight. This shows that the chicken does indeed get stronger with each battle he has with Peter.
  • In this episode, Peter breaks the Fourth wall when he points out that Bonnie has been pregnant "for like 6 years".
  • This show marks the second appearance of Vern, the Vaudeville Guy, and the first appearance of his piano-playing partner, Johnny.
  • Peter spent a week with Superman, Aquaman, Wonder Woman and Batman in the Fortress of Solitude from the Superman movies. Peter interrupts their meeting, in which the heroes are discussing how to foil Lex Luthor.
  • Peter kills actress and former Saturday Night Live cast member Joan Cusack in one of his attempts to be remembered for something.
  • At the bowling alley, Peter sees Judd Hirsch working on a missile below the lanes. Later in the show, the Keebler Elves plot against Snap, Crackle, and Pop, “assuming Judd Hirsch delivers with the goods.” Judd Hirsch voiced himself in this episode. Later on it is implied that Snap was killed during the ambush by the Keebler Elves.
  • When the Drunken Clam is on fire, Peter, being unaware of the danger he is in, makes conversation with the panicking Horace by mentioning the NBC sitcom Scrubs.
  • In "Inside Family Guy", the hallways of the production offices feature props from past episodes including the Gary the No-Trash Cougar suit.

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