• Nelsinhoo

    need help

    June 13, 2017 by Nelsinhoo

    Hey anybody know what episode this is from?

    Pls help!!! Its where stewie is rocking back n forth 

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  • Xnsja

    How so far in advance?

    March 11, 2017 by Xnsja

    How do you find out about episodes like "Htt Pete" and "Dog bites bear" when there in season 16.  Do you listen to table reads or what.

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  • Xnsja


    March 10, 2017 by Xnsja

    Will there be a season 17

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  • Buckimion

    Season 16

    February 25, 2017 by Buckimion

    Some have noticed that we already had one episode from production season 15, which will likely air next season. You may also note that I became aware today of FIVE more titles in that group.

    During my search for new episodes, I also became aware of a new title with production number EACX20 - "Foxx in the Men House". This is noteworthy because we only had three carry-over episodes plus the current writing season is only twenty episodes. If you notice the episode listing template box, we are now up to 24 episodes. This means that one of those EACX?? episodes is really an FACX??, and was intended for next season all along.

    Random thoughts...

    Fox is on pace to wipe out the entire backlog of 23 episodes for this year, perhaps starting completely f…

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  • Jordonpro1616

    Hi guys,

    I know ther is an episode where Peter keeps on saying something like, "lets wait and see how this plays out" or "lets wait and see where this is going first" even though it is obvious that something bad is about to happen.  Could you help me figure out what episode / cut scene it is?  Or am I crazy?

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  • Trisha2


    September 13, 2016 by Trisha2

    Does everyone in Family Guy know that Stewie is intelligent and are just unaware that he talks? Or do they think he's just a normal baby?

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  • Cw3184

    Looking for episode

    February 18, 2016 by Cw3184

    Trying to find an episode with a cutaway to Louis giving birth and she says " ive split from a a to v".

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  • BouncingParatroopa

    This is a blog page for those who wish to know the gists or punchlines what certain jokes.

    Here are mine

    • In "Not All Dogs Go to Heaven", why does LeVar Burton's Star Trek visor make him see people as Klansmen? Is he like one of those Sharpton-esque race activists or something?
    • What was the point of the whole "Men: We Don't Know What We Did" cutaway? Was it social commentary?
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  • Dc4488


    I dont remember much about the episode, except a woman, in a business suit is thinking hard about something and starts flicking her tongue between her fingers while shes thinking. That is all...please help

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  • Infidel1000

    Rush Limbaugh?

    February 26, 2014 by Infidel1000

    In the episode "Excellence in Broadcasting", why was MacFarland so generous to Limbaugh? Did he think he could sell the episode better if he used the real Rush, neccessitating that he present him in a flattering, respectful manner? Why didn't he just do the voice himself and portray Limbaugh as the bloviating, knuckle-dragging pig that he is? I can't imagine that they are buddies. My image of Seth diminished after viewing this episode, and I'm guessing that he really has no social values, contrary to the image he presents of himself on "Real Time" and other shows, and is just a greedy, narcissistic tool who will do anything for a buck. That he would allow Limbaugh to be presented on his show in such a manner is a blow to reality and a scab…

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