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    Hi Family Guy!  I'm Andrew, the technical community manager here at Wikia. About a month ago we partnered with Sony to launch TV SideView,  which integrates content from your wikia into an Android app. If you haven't given it a shot yet, I recommend it! It's available for most Android devices and it's another way to be proud of your hard work.  

    Your wikia (among others) has been receiving a good number of visits from the app itself, and that's why I'm here. My job as technical community manager is to make sure our back-end work here in the Wikia offices meshes flawlessly with your front-end content. And from our angle, your community is doing a fantastic job sorting and developing your wikia.  

    Thank you so much - users like you are what mak…

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    I personally think the order of production means more than people think. For example, Randall Fargus makes a cameo in The King is Dead (1ACX15) when he wasn't even introduced, although his debut, Running Mates, is 1ACX09.

    I also read an article in a book chronolizing FG's pre-cancellation history that Running Mates introduced Tricia Takanawa, even though, if we are to go by airdates, she'd made four appearences prior.

    Then there's the fact that Mila Kunis started voicing Meg before the episodes with Lacey Chabert ended.

    Personally, I think the production order should be treated as the chronologic order, but if anyone has some good evidence that it isn't, I'll revise my opinion. Argulor (talk) 23:26, July 5, 2014 (UTC)

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    FG is a great show, and doesn't show any signs of running out of energy, but we all know of shows that have gone past their expiery by dates (The Simpsons and the soon to end Two and a Half Men, for example). Obviously, none of us wouldw ant to see FG end up in the smae position as these shows. So, how long do you think FG could last for?

    I think that twenty seasons is long enough for this show, with the final season being one seasonlong finale (see "The Final Season: What Should Happen in the Final Hours " for some ideas). Some of you may think the show could go on much longer, others may say it's already too old.

    So what do you think? How long can FG stay on air before it becomes worn out and awful?

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    A new episode called The Simpsons Guy is coming soon!

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    From best to worst:

    1. "Baby Got Black"
    2. "He's Bla-ack!"
    3. "Grimm Job"
    4. "3 Acts of God"
    5. "Meg Stinks!"
    6. "Chap Stewie"
    7. "The Most Interesting Man in the World"
    8. "A Fistful of Meg"
    9. "Quagmire's Quagmire"
    10. "Vestigial Peter"
    11. "Boopa-Dee Bappa-Dee"
    12. "Finders Keepers"
    13. "Into Harmony's Way"
    14. "Christmas Guy"
    15. "Secondhand Spoke"
    16. "Fresh Heir"
    17. "Life of Brian"
    18. "Peter Problems"
    19. "Mom's the Word"
    20. "Herpe, the Love Sore"
    21. "Brian's a Bad Father"

    Anything outside of the top/bottom three may change in future viewings, but I can unequivocally state the "Brian's Death" and episodes heavily featuring him now fill me with dread, even more than Chris episodes. Between the mourning fans and changing from what started out as the voice of reason to being unlucky at life (as a novelist and with ladies) to be…

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    Virtual lock that Cleveland and Donna join the opening number cast, if not in "Chap Stewie", then by next season. Since it appears that Mort Goldman is the odd man out, which of the corresponding females leave to make room for Donna?

    1. Angela (across from Mort)
    1. Jillian Russell-Wilcox (Fewer appearances)
    1. Someone else or does the whole thing shift an extra step and keep everyone?
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    Family Guy exists in a shared universe with the other shows The Simpsons, American Dad!, The Cleveland Show, and Futurama. Below are the reasons why.

    An upcoming episode of Family Guy will be called The Simpsons Guy and will be a direct crossover, showing that Family Guy exists in the same universe as The Simpsons.

    An upcoming episode of The Simpsons, titled Simpsonsorama, will be a direct crossover between the two shows, thus placing Futurama in the same universe as The Simpsons.

    The disaster episodes of the shows', titled The Hurricane!The Cleveland Show, Seahorse Seashell PartyFamily Guy, Hurricane!American Dad!, acts as a three way crossover between the three shows, showing the same hurricane hitting all three towns, and ending in a standoff between Peter, …

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    What I know about this show is that they make of fun at things like movies, TV shows, celebrities, and more that make something parodic and funny.

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    Rush Limbaugh?

    February 26, 2014 by Infidel1000

    In the episode "Excellence in Broadcasting", why was MacFarland so generous to Limbaugh? Did he think he could sell the episode better if he used the real Rush, neccessitating that he present him in a flattering, respectful manner? Why didn't he just do the voice himself and portray Limbaugh as the bloviating, knuckle-dragging pig that he is? I can't imagine that they are buddies. My image of Seth diminished after viewing this episode, and I'm guessing that he really has no social values, contrary to the image he presents of himself on "Real Time" and other shows, and is just a greedy, narcissistic tool who will do anything for a buck. That he would allow Limbaugh to be presented on his show in such a manner is a blow to reality and a scab…

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    Looking for quote

    February 7, 2014 by Nitasm39

    I was watching an episode and either Stewie or Peter made a comment to Brian about Brian having a finger/knub in the middle of his arm.  It was referring to the extra toe that some dogs have if their owners don't have it removed.  Does any one know this quote?

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