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Bollywood Style
Bollywood Style
From the episode: Road to India
Singers: Assorted
Voices: Assorted

"Bollywood Style" is the musical number that wraps up "Road to India" after Brian has failed to win over a tech support rep that he had fallen for. The song features off of the characters from the episode, including the B-plot of Peter taking over Joe's bingo game.


Crowd: When you least expect, you find magic in your life

Brian: [surprised] What the f...what the hell is this?

Stewie: Oh, in India, its traditional to do a final musical curtain call over the end credits.

Crowd: Brian came so far, but he never found a wife

Ho ho

Sick show

Ho ho

Time to go

Brian: This is kind of weird.

Stewie: [dancing] Come on Brian, just surrender to it.

Peter: Hey, I was in the episode too! [daubs Chris & Meg's heads with bingo markers] BIN-GO!

Joe: And I'm Joe

Somali pirate: Joe's the captain again.

Brian: Alright, I'll give it a shot. [transforms himself into an Indian dancer]

Well I came across the world for a very special girl...

[Brian is snatched and mauled by a tiger] Ahh, ahhh, ahhh!

Stewie: [as one of the dancers stops to stare] Eyes forward, finish your number. Ranita finish the number!!!

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