• This episode aired seven months after Frank Sinatra, Jr.'s death and is dedicated "In Loving Memory" to Frank.
  • A copy of the script posted to Twitter by writer Daniel Peck had Mike Kim listed as the director. Jerry Langford is the director listed in the broadcast of the episode.
  • Capital and Reprise, mentioned during the song "At Frank Sinatra's Restaurant (Jr.)", are both record labels. Reprise was founded by Frank Sinatra, after leaving Capital in order to have more control over his recordings.
  • "Centerfield" by John Fogerty plays as Chris pitches.
  • Peter and Lois break the Fourth wall when he quotes lyrics from the Theme Song.
  • In the uncensored DVD cut of the episode, Lois' concern over Chris' anger issues is met with a suggestion by Peter to push it to see if he turns into The Incredible Hulk.

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