• This episode is dedicated to the memory of Patrick Swayze, whose films Road House and Ghost are referenced.
  • Meg does not speak in this episode.
  • Another one of Cleveland's Bathtub Gags appears in this episode, being the 7th iteration of the gag so far, but this time, Cleveland is not in the bathtub because he moved.
  • Lucy van Pelt from the comic strip Peanuts appears and pulls away a football from Charlie Brown and is kicked by Peter. Lois also kicks Lucy in "Lethal Weapons".
  • On the December 20th, 2009 rerun there was a Something, Something, Something, Dark Side poster behind the Griffin Family. Next to it was an Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs poster.
  • Stewie was dreaming of having sex with Shia LaBeouf.
  • Peter believes that the video store is selling all their DVDs cheap because they're outdated and obsolete. At the time this episode was released, the largest DVD rental chain in the US, Blockbuster Video had been trying to stave off bankruptcy which had also swallowed many smaller stores due to other distribution methods. [1]
  • In Quebec, a province of Canada, it is the first episode aired with dubbed Canadian French. The episode was aired on October 14, 2010 on Teletoon (French).
  • A common theme in this episode is the age difference between Brian and Rita and it is heavily implied that Rita is older than Brian. Brian is eight, which would make him 56 in dog years according to some sources[2], making him six years older than Rita.
  • Brian shows Rita a film scene from Die Hard in which he was added in to for this episode. Die Hard is a 20th Century Fox film.
  • 50 year old Rita is shown as a young girl in Washington D.C. with a flag of less than 50 stars. Alaska and Hawaii were last added in 1959 so she would have been an infant at best.
  • Peter comes off very hypocritical picking on Brian. He once expressed a desire to sleep with Barbara Pewterschmidt in "Bill and Peter's Bogus Journey".

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