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  • Chris has only one line in this episode.
  • Brian had to wear a cone after the operation. A cutaway in “Blind Ambition” shows Brian wearing a cone which Stewie throws a crumpled piece of paper in and says, “Score! Score!”
  • Brian goes to a doctor, instead of a veterinarian, whereas, later, in "Long John Peter" he is taken to the vet when ill.
  • Brian's retching sounds are the same ones heard in the Ipecac gag in "8 Simple Rules for Buying My Teenage Daughter".
  • Lois tries out a new recipe for jambalaya
  • Brian says that he has to “live life when you can and live it hard,” which Stewie calls “the Chris Farley method.” The comedian and Saturday Night Live alumnus had extensive drug abuse problems and died of an overdose, not unlike his idol, John Belushi, who was also a SNL castmember.
  • In the cutaway where Thomas Edison hoards electricity, he watches the sitcom The Office and blasts “Foxy Lady” by Jimi Hendrix.
  • Frank Sinatra Jr. is introduced as the "member of the board", whereas Frank Sinatra has been known as the "chairman of the board".
  • Stewie, Brian and Frank Sinatra Jr. make up the “New Rat Pack.” Frank Sinatra Sr. was in an all-star group called the Rat Pack.
  • Unlike Sunshine Bear, Funshine is yellow, not orange.
  • Brian’s temporary replacement, referred to as only a “Jew,” is Dean Martin’s old partner, Jerry Lewis.
  • Stewie states his admiration for actor Robert Stack and Brian his of Candid Camera host Allen Funt.
  • On the cutaway showing John Goodman eating Thanksgiving dinner while his family starves, there are two children at the table. In real life, John Goodman has one child.
  • When Quagmire attempts to videotape Meg and Sarah for a second time, his production crew is Mark Borchardt and Mike Schank, whose efforts to make an independent film were documented in the 1999 film American Movie.
  • When Stewie is left alone in the makeup room he decides to play 52 pickup, which is a card practical joke.
  • A recurring joke refers to Frank Sinatra Jr.’s mother as actress Mia Farrow who was briefly married to Sinatra Sr. in the 1960s. His mother is actually Nancy Barbato.
  • When Stewie’s ear is severed and no one notices, he replaces it with a Mr. Potato Head ear.
  • In a flashback, Peter is mugged by The Today Show film critic Gene Shalit, who often speaks in puns. Shalit threatens Peter in movie titles and actors: “Don’t Panic Room; I’m not going to William Hurt you. I only want your Tango & Cash, so just Pay It Forward and we’ll all be Happy Gilmore.” Shalit has also been mentioned in “Ready, Willing, and Disabled” and the “Family Guy Viewer Mail” segment “Supergriffins”.
  • Stewie decides not to buy a button-up jacket because it will make him look like actor/comedian Steve Harvey.
  • Brian reads a newspaper headline “Thanks to treatment Magic Johnson down to one AID.”
  • Stewie says if Brian dies he’ll have to start hanging out with actor/wrestler the Rock again. The cutaway shows a trailer with Stewie and the Rock. The narrator (Don LaFontaine) speculates about the Rock’s race and then that of actress Jessica Alba. The Rock is part black and part Samoan. Alba is Mexican from her father’s side and white French-Canadian and Danish from her mom’s side.
  • Meg’s teacher shows an episode of the educational science show Nova but he taped over it with a homemade sex tape.
  • The poster welcoming Meg into the Lesbian Alliance also says “See You Next Tuesday,” an innuendo for “cunt.” It is sometimes spelled, more obviously, “C U Next Tuesday.” The American Dad! episode “Threat Levels” uses the same gag.
  • The closing credits has a swing version of the theme song performed by Sinatra.
  • This is the first broadcast episode in which there are signs that Lois was once a lesbian when she kissed Sarah although Lois makes a comment about “going back to men” in Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story, which was released on DVD before the episode aired.
  • The cutaway gag in which Stewie is laughing at an episode of Hope & Faith marks the first, and so far only, time that Seth MacFarlane has not voiced Stewie. MacFarlane revealed, during the DVD commentary for the episode, that Stewie’s “laugh” was actually a laugh track that was created by Ricky Blitt; MacFarlane loved the hilarious laugh track so much that he decided that it must be used for a particular joke in an episode.

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