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  • In the scene after the opening credits, the cartoon that is playing on television is The Jetsons.
  • This was the first episode to air on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim.
  • The opening scene of the episode parodies Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, a long running American children's television series that was created and hosted by Fred Rogers.
  • While on the psychiatrist's couch, Brian recounts a dream he had had the previous evening, in which he is concerned about his mortality. This was based on the film Logan's Run, which shows a society where everyone's life is ended at the age of 30. A person's age is shown by their handflower, which turns color at the appropriate moment. Brian is taking the part of a "Runner" attempting to escape his termination, having reached the critical age. Having been cornered by the guards, he points at Snoopy, remarking that he must be in his fifties.
  • The candy bar that Peter wants is called Middlefingers.
  • This is the first episode showing Brian's romantic interest in human women.
  • Lois is seen wearing the light blue sweater that Stewie urinated on earlier in the episode.
  • The Drunken Clam's bartender at the time is not the usual Horace, but a bald man with glasses seen in other episodes as an extra.
  • Brian is seen reading the novels Into Thin Air and Memoirs Of A Geisha.
  • In the wedding picture, Peter's suit is black. However, Peter's suit is blue on the actual wedding.[1]

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