• Seth MacFarlane won an Annie Award for his voice-over work as the voice of Stewie in this episode. [1]
  • In one of the confessions Brian gives for The Bachelorette, he sings a few lines from “At This Moment” by Billy Vera and the Beaters.
  • Michael Eisner gives Brian a “parting gift” from ABC after Brian is finished with the show. But the gift turns out to be the bill for the show’s mansion, to which Michael Eisner runs while childishly declaring “No givesies backsies!”
  • The cereal character Frankenberry appears as a contestant complaining that he feels Count Chocula wouldn't hold any interest for Brooke and is only there for the minority aspect.
  • Peter is unable to fly his cow kite according to Cleveland because he has to get her running first.
  • Brian and Brooke share an interest in jazz musician John Coltrane "early Coltrane, before he got clean." Coltrane was a heroin addict until 1957. She is also interested in Coleman Hawkins and Ben Webster.
  • Stewie talks extensively about the novel that Brian is writing. In Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story, Brian says that in his time away from the series, he had some time to work on his novel. However, as of "Saving Private Brian", Stewie reveals that he still hasn’t finished it.
  • In Stewie’s “flash forward” to his plans for Chris’ room once he’s gone, the computer in the room has the mouse on the left side of the monitor instead of the right. This indicates that Stewie is left-handed, as virtually all cartoon characters are.
  • Brian enjoys a mojito during his on-camera interview.
  • Brooke is named after Brooke Roberts, a writer’s assistant of Family Guy.
  • Casey Kelp, one of the Snorks appears. Daffney is voiced by Nancy Cartwright, who had originally voiced a different Snork called Daffney Gilfin.
  • According to the DVD audio commentary on this episode, on the cutaway about Brooke spending the evening with Quagmire and his mother, the original name of the cat was "Pussy," but the censors found it to be too tasteless and it was changed to "Mittens". Also, in the scene where Cleveland is freaking out over his audition for The Bachelorette and Peter strips naked, originally Peter was supposed to be sitting on Cleveland’s lap to keep Cleveland from running away, but the censors found it to be too sexual.

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