[The Griffins are watching TV]
Announcer: We now return to a later-season episode of Family Ties.
Steve Keaton: Elyse, have you noticed how puberty has changed Jennifer?
Elyse Keaton: Shh! Keep your voice down.
[Jennifer walks in; she's changed into an ogre-like creature with horns]
Jennifer Keaton: I have a date with my boyfriend.
Steve Keaton: Well, uh, have fun.
Jennifer Keaton: You are to gather grapes for wine and prepare victuals for my return.

Carter Pewterschmidt: Hope you like weird boobs.

Lois: All you packed there are toys and cans of tuna fish.
Peter: Well I gotta eat and I gotta have fun.

Mayor Adam West: Poor guys they both have AIDS.
[cut to Robert Loggia]
Robert Loggia: NOT OKAAAAAY!!!!!

Peter: Well, nobody believed that we would make it, but I drink and you use sex as a weapon. That seems to me like a successful New England marriage.

Chris: Aunt Carol, Mom says you'd make a great Florida whore, what does that mean?
Lois: Oh haha haha, Chris. I said that about Kate Hudson!
Stewie: You know, I always thought I'd make a great Florida whore.

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