• Bayit (בית) is the Hebrew word for "house". The title refers to the 1983 Talking Heads song "Burning Down the House".
  • Quagmire looking in the mirror and seeing another person, this being Scott Bakula is a reference to the actor's show Quantum Leap in which his character Sam Beckett looks in the mirror and sees his host, another person.
  • Peter and Quagmire working the pill line is a parody of the I Love Lucy episode "Job Switching" in which Lucy and Ethel Mertz work a conveyor belt of chocolates. [1]
  • Stewie says that Lois tricked him into visiting prison by telling him that she is taking him to Carvels. Carvels is an ice-cream retail chain.[2]
  • Peter decides that the group's alibi is going to be that they were watching The Beatles at The Ed Sullivan Theater. A cutaway shows The Beatles performing on the show which was broadcast nationwide. [3] During a song, Peter throws his dirty underwear at them. This references the mass hysteria among teenage girls when The Beatles performed on The Ed Sullivan Show.

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