• Dr. Gregory House from the current Fox show House, M.D. makes a cameo appearance in the episode. Hugh Laurie, who portrays him on the show, reprised his role.
  • Leonard Hofstadter and Sheldon Cooper from the CBS show The Big Bang Theory also make cameo appearances. Johnny Galecki and Jim Parsons, who portray Sheldon and Leonard respectively on the show, reprised their roles. Penny also appears, but she has a non-speaking role.
  • This is the second episode where Peter says, "Road House!"
  • At the beginning Peter, Lois, Carter, and Barbara were standing still until Peter looked into the camera and realized the show started.
  • Meg is seen, but has no lines in this episode.
  • Tomik and Bellgarde, the "Foreign Guys that can almost pass for Americans" from "The Former Life of Brian" make another appearance.
  • "Brian & Stewie" introduced an instrumental musical number cut from this episode called Errand Boy based on a performance in the Jerry Lewis film The Errand Boy featuring the instrumental "Blues in Hoss' Flat" by Count Basie and his orchestra.[1]
  • Peter invents "The African-American Heart Monitor" with two modes, Barry White and Bill Cosby. In Cosby mode, when Carter Pewterschmidt reacts to the fact that Peter has taken over his company, the heart monitor says, "Ziggatyboobaleehubbidazimmineejoogaleebobbably Ghost Dad!"
  • Lois claims Peter has no business-owning experience, but Peter owned his own television station, operated his a commercial fishing boat, among other things.

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