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But I'm Yours
Family Guy - Live In Las Vegas
From the episode: Family Guy: Live in Vegas
Singers: Peter and Lois
Voices: Seth MacFarlane and Alex Borstein

Track 11 from Family Guy: Live in Vegas as performed by Peter and Lois Griffin


Lois: ...Well I think you are the sweetest man in the whole world.

Peter: Well this guy ain't going anywhere Lois. Hey let me tell you something. ♪I know I haven't always been the perfect spouse.♪

Lois: You do OK.

Peter: ♪I drink too much and leave the cans around the house.♪

Lois: Well you do do that.

Peter:♪ And once I cleaned up Stewie's doody with your blouse.♪

Lois: What?!

Peter: ♪I may be thoughtless.♪

Lois: No you're not.

Peter: ♪I may be sloppy♪

Lois: Well, a little

Peter: ♪I may be stupid.♪

Lois: Well, a lot.

Peter: ♪But I'm yours♪

Lois: ♪You're figure isn't always what it ought to be.♪

Peter: Eh, I gotta lose five pounds.

Lois: ♪But rollie-pollie belly's never bothered me.♪

Peter: Thank you.

Lois: ♪Or that you scream for hours when you hurt your knee.♪

Peter: (Breathes in) Ahh(breathes out). {Just like he did when he fell after finding the pawtucket scroll}.

Peter: ♪I may be chubby.♪

Lois; Well, 296.

Peter: ♪I may be lazy.♪

Lois: sorry, 298.

Peter: ♪I may be clumsy♪

Lois: Only often

Peter; ♪But I'm yours♪

Lois: ♪What if one day a rapist attacked me?♪

Peter: ♪i would use him to mop up the street.♪

Lois: ♪You would?♪

Peter: ♪You bet. I got a left hook.♪

Lois: ♪What if he was big?♪

Peter: ♪I got a right hook♪

Lois: ♪What if he was a woman?♪

Peter: ♪I got a camera, freaking sweet.♪

Peter/Lois: ♪♪I/You may be brainless.♪♪

Peter/Lois: ♪♪I/You may be witless.♪♪

Peter: ♪I may be Irish.♪

Peter: ♪But I'm yours.♪

Lois: ♪And would you wash the dishes if I asked you to?♪

♪That kind of thing is every woman's dream come true.♪

Peter: ♪I'll do 'em when this very special Coach is through.♪

Lois: Will you empty the trash?

Peter: ♪I got a backache.♪

Lois: Will you fix the toilet?

Peter: ♪I got a headache.♪

Lois: Will you vacuum the den?

Peter: ♪I got a penis♪

Lois: You're a sexist.

Peter: ♪But I'm yours.♪

Lois: ♪They say a man should treat his lady like a prize.♪

♪A goddess Greek to worship with adoring eyes.♪

Peter: ♪But I won't do that Greeky thing of humpin' guys.♪

Peter: ♪I may be phobic♪

♪I may be stinky♪

♪I may be farting♪ {farts}

♪But I'm yours.♪

Lois: ♪Would you brave any hurdle to save me?♪

Peter: ♪I would slay any foes by the scores.♪

Lois: Lions?

Peter: ♪I got a shotgun.♪

Lois: Tigers?

Peter: ♪I got a blowtorch.♪

Lois: The Christian right?

Peter: ♪I got a porno.♪

Lois: That'll do it.

Peter: ♪'Cause I'm yours.♪

Peter/Lois: ♪♪I/You may be dopey.♪♪

Peter/Lois: ♪♪I/You may be messy.♪♪

Peter/Lois: ♪♪I may be Peter.♪♪

Peter/Lois: ♪And I'm yours.♪


Brian: Hey, you smell something?

Stewie: Oh, dear.

Brian: What?

Stewie: Oh, dear.

Brian: What's the matter?

Stewie: Oh you're not going to like this.

Brian: What?

Stewie: I just made a doody.

Brian: Oh, God.

Stewie: I'm sorry, it just slipped out unannounced.

Brian: What do you mean "unannounced"?

Stewie: Well, normally the doody schedules an exit interview before it departs, but this one seems to have no regard for protocol.

Brian: Do you need a change?

Stewie: No no, it's alright. Op, there's another one.

Brian: Christ, let's hurry up and get to the next number. Here's a favorite of mine by the great Antonio Carlos Jobim.

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