• A "call girl" is slang for a prostitute.
  • This is Giovanni Ribisi's second project with Seth MacFarlane following Ted.
  • Lois' middle name is revealed as "Patrice" when she asks another applicant at the employment agency to take a look at her resume. Lois' resume also only lists her as a housewife since 1992 without any mention of her previous jobs.
  • Joe informs Quagmire not to get married, something that Quagmire did a couple episodes prior.
  • Chris' bird house is built to resemble the governor's mansion from the sitcom Benson which Chris is fond of. The episode Chris wants the birds to act out is the fifth episode of the series, "Conflict of Interest".
  • Peter previously had phone sex with Meg in "Movin' Out (Brian's Song)".
  • In the uncensored version, Stewie's "Stu Man Group" cutaway is replaced with one in which he alters the Theme Song with profanity.