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Chico's Monkey Farm
From the episode: Peter's Sister
Singers: Jingle Singers, Monkeys
Voices: Jingle Singers

"Chico's Monkey Farm" is one of two things Peter Griffin has dreamed of doing, aside from putting Karen Griffin in her place in "Peter's Sister". A cutaway gag leads to a jingle for Chico's Monkey Farm.


Chicos Money Farm


Singers: Chico's Monkey Farm

Come and have a howlin' good time

Monkeys: Oo, oo, ah, ah, oo, oo, ah, ah

Singers: Chico's Monkey Farm

The only drive-through monkey farm in northern, southern Rhode Island

Monkey: Oo, ah

Singers: Chico's Monkey Farm

After a prolonged litigation, we're finally open again

Monkeys: Oo, ah

Singers: Chico's Monkey Farm

There's a fair amount of paperwork before you get to see a monkey so allow for extra time

Monkeys: Oo, ah

Singers: Chico's Monkey Farm

Keep your windows rolled up 'cause the monkeys will pry them open and they love to strangle kids

Monkeys: Oo, oo, oo, ah, ah, ah

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