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Cookie Monster

Cookie Monster is a muppet on the beloved children's show, Sesame Street. Covered with blue fur and possessing a pair of googly eyes, Cookie Monster has an insatiable appetite. As his name implies, his primary craving is cookies, but he can and often does consume anything and everything.

Cookie Monster entered rehab in "Model Misbehavior" due to his cookie addiction. After being injected with anesthesia several times, he was soon released. He went back on his cookie binge, being caught by Lois Griffin free-basing in a women's restroom. He tries to make a cookie by burning cookie dough on a spoon, which is similar to the way heroin is prepared.

In Something, Something, Something, Dark Side he is the Wampa on Hoth that captures Luke Skywalker, played by Chris Griffin and takes him to his cave. He gets his arm cut off by Luke but he only wanted to take him to the snow monster ball.

Stewie ponders if Brian changing the past may have resulted in Cookie Monster inventing Cookiebook instead of Facebook in "Back to the Pilot".

Cookie Monster is voiced by Seth MacFarlane.

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