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  • When Brian, Meg, Stewie, and Chris are running down the basement steps, some of Brian's head gets chopped off.
  • After the Twinkee the Kid flashback the scratch on Peter's nose keeps disappearing and reappearing.
  • The brown mouse traps that Meg set down around Joe in one scene, shift positions and change to grey in another scene.
  • When Meg enters the scene to set the mouse traps around Joe, she just suddenly appears, being a few frames out of synch. This is repeated when the family walks away from New Quahog.
  • When Peter takes Chris' tree to the backyard to shoot it, we can see Joe's driveway in the background. No one is shown in the background, but a few minutes later we see that Joe is melted into his driveway even though he was not there when Peter walked past.
  • When they say goodbye to their home, the screen stutters a little between the words "Well" and "goodbye sweet home".

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