• This episode marks the first sighting of the Evil Monkey.
  • The theme music for The Communists' cutaway is the same as Peter's theme music in "Family Guy Viewer Mail No. 1" as he skips down the street on his shopping binge.
  • Walter Murphy was nominated for an Annie Award for composing the music in this episode. [1]
  • At the end of the song, Stewie jumps out of his clothes and rolls into two sleeping mats pushed together. With him naked on one and Janet also hinted at being naked on the other, both covered by a blanket, implying that they engaged in sexual activity.
  • Peter talks about how he got in trouble as a kid, and we cut to a scene of the classic Dr. Seuss character, The Cat in the Hat, offering to clean up the house. Peter says “No, no, just go. It’ll be funny!” In the original book, the cat wrecked the house, then cleaned it up in a matter of seconds before the children’s parents got home.
  • After getting free air travel, Peter dumps Tinker Bell from Peter Pan.
  • Stewie serenades Janet with Frank Sinatra’s “You Make Me Feel So Young”.
  • On the flight Lois is working, an Egyptian passenger says to her “Momken tekooni merati,” which she does not understand. In the Egyptian dialect, it indeed translates to “Will you be my wife?”
  • After leaving the Forgotten Children Club, Stewie sings "Another One Bites The Dust" by Queen.
  • Lois’ exciting life involved meeting Kim Richards who played Tia Malone in Escape to Witch Mountain and Return from Witch Mountain. However.Lois conflates the titles to Escape from Witch Mountain.
  • When Brian says “Well, well, well, looks like someone’s in love” and bites into the apple, this is a subtle call back to “Brian in Love”. When Stewie realizes that Brian has an attraction to Lois he says the same thing and bites into an apple as well.
  • The artist’s rendering of an attractive redhead married to a fat man is Wilma Flintstone and Fred Flintstone.

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