• When Peter is on the phone with Death the napkin next to Death is originally red, but after the cutaway gag to Hitler! the napkin is brown.
  • After Peter drops Death on the couch, Death kicks off his sandals onto the floor. After Lois pulls Peter aside to tell him he can't die, when they turn around the sandals are gone.
  • During the scene where Peter is jumping off a building, the brown and orange stripes on Quagmire's jacket switch colors more than once.
  • At the end of the episode Death says his ankle starts to feel better and gets up, his right foot disappears.
  • When Peter's test results are in, he asks the doctor how a comedian from the silent era, referring to Fatty Arbuckle, could be lodged in his left bosom, when in fact, Lois found the lump on the right side of his chest.
  • When Peter asks the guys playing pool if they're Richard Simmons, there are two white cue balls on the pool table.
  • When the guy with the shotgun shoots himself in the chest, his wound disappears later in the NEWS broadcast, also everyone else's wounds are different and misplaced or not there.
  • When Stewie is massaging Death's foot on the couch, Death is not leaning against a pillow. However, when it switches to a shot of just Death, he is leaning against it, and it disappears and reappears throughout the scene.
  • The sleeves on Karen Black's white shirt momentarily become the same shade of blue as her vest.
  • Before Death says his ankles starts to feel better, his sandals are missing. Then after Lois says now people know death applies, they are back on.
  • When Lois sits near Death on the couch and later tries to trade sex for Peter's life, Death's legs disappear.

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