• Cleveland's van has no driver when it first stops to pick up Peter.
  • When Carter Pewterschmidt says “a million dollars,” he has no eyebrows.
  • When Death shows Peter the first time he meets Lois, in the scene were they are making out, Lois' clothes and hair change.
  • In the scene where Peter is hitching a lift back to Rhode Island with Cleveland, Cleveland's head can be seen to obscure the rear-view mirror on the windshield, whereas his head should appear behind the mirror.
  • When Peter and Death were watching the Naval workers do their musical number, Death's right hand holding his scythe is dark green, yet when the angle changes, his hand is white again.
  • When Peter rips Death's arm off while fighting, Death pokes Peter straight in the eyes, despite Peter wearing glasses.
  • When Peter is struck by lightning, he drops the belt he tried to use to pull down the tree. Following the commercial break, it disappears.
  • When Loretta drags Cleveland offscreen at the country club, the sign is misspelled "COUNTRY CLUR", while previously it had been spelled correctly.

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