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  • Adam Carolla reprises his role as Death after making an appearance in “Wasted Talent”. Death was previously voiced by Norm MacDonald in “Death Is a Bitch”.
  • Carter was willing to pay Peter $1,000,000 to never see Lois again. Peter quickly turned down the offer stating that Lois maybe worth a million bucks to Carter, but he thinks she's worthless. In "Peterotica" he felt differently.
  • Also in “Peterotica”, we found out that Lois’s father offered her $10 million as a gift after her marriage to Peter, which Lois turned down, much to Peter's displeasure.
  • This episode reveals Cleveland had a girlfriend who would end up being nicknamed "Maxine the Cheating Queen". His future wife Loretta would cheat on him as well. His current wife Donna Tubbs-Brown, divorced her husband due to his infidelity.
  • When Death enters the pet store, he cannot talk to the girl working at the counter because all the animals break out in an uproar.
  • Chris and Stewie read an Archie comic book featuring the character Jones Jughead.
  • Death has a picture of actor Edward James Olmos, as well as Olmos’ ass, in his wallet.
  • Peter confuses the chasing Ku Klux Klan members with ghosts.
  • Peter and Death shop for clothes at The Gap.
  • A flashback to Peter and Lois’ courtship reveals that their song is “Baby, I Love Your Way” by Peter Frampton, who appears as himself to sing it at the end. According to the DVD commentary, Seth MacFarlane asked Frampton if he’d be willing to sing altered lyrics, a suggestion that was not well received.
  • When Death arrives at Peter Frampton’s house to persuade him to visit the golf course, Frampton protests, saying that Death should be “at Keith Richard’s house”, a joke Frampton himself pitched, according to the DVD commentary. Death also asks Frampton to bring “the thing that makes your guitar go ‘wah wah wah,’ ” referring to Frampton’s use of a talkbox to make his guitar “talk.”