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Deceased Indian Chief is the name given to two different Family Guy characters' remains.

One skull is from the Chief of a tribe that lived on modern-day Spooner Street. Peter Griffin finds it when building a movie theater in the Griffin backyard in "Petergeist" and names it Chief Diamond Phillips. Peter used the skull for many purposes and activities. The excavation led to anger in the spirit world, leading to the abduction of Stewie Griffin and the disappearance of the house. The skull ends up in Carrot Top's care, the Griffin Family retrieves it, buries it, and everything is returned to normal.

A different Indian Chief is dug up by Joe Swanson and Peter while breaking ground for a park in "Ready, Willing, and Disabled".

Peter and Lois, in a flashback in "Deep Throats" had a band called Handful of Peter, sung "Noble Indian Chief" about a deceased Indian Chief in their song, saddened by his death.