• The title is a reference to the 1954 Hitchcock thriller Dial M for Murder.
  • Brian gets a gig writing for the magazine Teen People.
  • Meg smashing Peter's teeth on a step is a reference to American History X.
  • The scene where Meg is whacking the cool kids with a sack of unopened soda cans is a reference to the 1983 teen drama Bad Boys.
Producer screen
  • Meg says that Wesley Snipes was in prison and was inmate number 57, which Meg found amusing because he was in a movie called Passenger 57.
  • The 'executive producer' screen is a parody of the 'executive producer' screens from The Simpsons.
  • The two black girls in the prison cell that Meg is put in to ask Meg if she was also arrested for trying to vote in Ohio. This is a reference to reports of Republicans trying to suppress black voters during the 2004 election.

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