Tom Baker

Doctor Who is a British science fiction television programme produced by the BBC. The programme depicts the adventures of a mysterious and eccentric Time Lord known as the Doctor who travels through time and space in his time machine, the TARDIS (an acronym for Time And Relative Dimension(s) In Space), which normally appears from the exterior to be a blue 1950s British police box. With his companions, he explores time and space, faces a variety of foes and saves civilizations, helping people and righting wrongs.

In Blue Harvest, Tom Baker, the fourth Doctor from the 1970s, is seen when the Millennium Falcon goes into lightspeed.

In "420", after marijuana has been legalized, Doctor Who's ratings have gone up.

Peter's owl that he mentions in "Welcome Back, Carter" is called Doctor Who.

In "Meg Stinks!", Peter loses his hand in an accident while driving, but tells Meg that he can regenerate. His hand grows back in the manner of the tenth Doctor in "The Christmas Invasion".

"Inside Family Guy" features the tenth Doctor, portrayed and voiced by David Tennant, trying to cover up passing gas in the TARDIS, with a television episode titled Doctor Who Farted.