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  • Lois questions the very thing Joe asked about when talking about the Petercopter.
  • Stewie admits killing seven children.
  • This is another episode when Brian's book was mentioned.
  • Stewie's phone number is (401) 555-0183. 401 is the actual area code for the state of Rhode Island, where Family Guy is set.
  • "Afuera" is Spanish for "outside".
  • Lois mentions animal rights group PETA when Brian is speaking to the Griffins about animals rights. This segment also makes a jab at stereotypical non-rhotic New England accents, when Peter thinks Lois is talking about him when she says PETA. Peter and PETA sound the same if spoken with a New England accent.
  • Joe sleep-drags himself at night.
  • Peter and Lois are one of the people chasing Brian and trying to eat him, despite the fact that both of them love Brian very much.
  • The phone number for the lawyer in the Spanish commercial is 555-5555.
  • The radio program that Consuela is listening to is titled "Muchos Hornos", which in Spanish translates to "Many Ovens".
  • The father from the newspaper comic The Family Circus appears.
  • The aria the Italian opera singer sings at the end is "Largo al factotum" from Giaoccino Rossini's Il barbiere de Siviglia, known in English as The Barber of Seville.

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