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[Peter takes Lois golfing]
Lois: what do I do? Just aim for the pond?
Peter: No, you're not supposed it hit it into the water.
Lois: But you hit it into the water.
Peter: [exasperated] I know I hit it into the water.
Lois: But what do they even have water if you're not supposed to hit it there?
Peter: BECAUSE IT'S FUN! WE'RE HAVING FUN! [growling in frustration, he furiously throws his bag of clubs]
Lois: Look! It went further than your ball!

Adam West: Cleveland, let me tell you something [grabs Cleveland by the front of his shirt]... you're absolutely fucking right.

[Lois and Cleveland finish a therapy session and return to the lobby where Peter is waiting]
Peter: Get all of her squawking out doc?
Cleveland: Oh, I think we got to the root of the problem. Didn't we, Lois?
Lois: Absolutely.
Peter: Alright! Let's dope her up good. Turn that mouth off.

Adam West: Dr. Brown, I just killed nine people! Uh, I mean, I have ducks on my feet. Old crazy harmless mayor. Quack quack!

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Marla: There you are. Listen up, Meg. This TSA isn't sweaty enough for the two of us.
Meg: What? What does that even mean?
Marla: It means stay away from Larry. I'm his girlfriend.
Meg: You are? Oh, my God, I thought you were a boy.

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