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Dynasty Theme
From the episode: And Then There Were Fewer
Singers: Stewie
Voices: Seth MacFarlane

"Dynasty Theme" is the instrumental theme from the TV drama Dynasty. While solving a murder in "And Then There Were Fewer", Brian and Stewie Griffin pass the time by playing "Name That Tune" where they each hum a different TV theme song, but Brian gets stumped on this one so Stewie adds lyrics to help him.


Linda Evans,
And John Forsythe.
They're coming down big long stairs.
Come on, Brian, you know this!
We're all rich...
And we're all at least
In our late fifties.
Think Joan Collins.
[imitates a trumpet]
Come on, Brian, you know this!
It's the middle trumpet part.
It was a pretty big deal
For Diahann Carroll to play a rich black woman
In the eighties.
Come on, Bri-Brian, you don't know this?
Falcon Crest?
No, it's "Dynasty"!
Oh, yeah, I didn't watch that.

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