• When deciding on the name for Bugs Bunny, after the guy in the vest asks who wants the rabbit's name to be Ephram the Retarded Rabbit, his wrist overlaps the outside his shirt.
  • In the scene where Peter represents Petoria in the United Nations, the seating of some countries are changed in various shots. In addition, Denmark is spelled incorrectly as Danmark though this is the way Denmark is spelled in Danish, Mexico is spelled incorrectly as Maxico and Morocco is spelled incorrectly as Morrocco.
  • The flashback where Ulysses S. Griffin says "Deal" when Robert E. Lee says that they don't have to read, the glass on Ulysses head switches to the table but reappears on his head seconds later.
  • When Peter is done singing "Can't Touch Me", he girl who Peter says "except for you, you can touch me" to is seen with brown hair in that scene, but in the next, her hair is blonde.
  • During the dancing scene, Peter’s shadow can only be seen when he is doing “the worm” in front of city hall.

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