• This is the first Family Guy episode to feature computer-animated sequences. These would later become common starting in Season 4.
  • Bertram returns in the later episode "Sibling Rivalry".
  • This is the third appearance of Evil Monkey.
  • The code to Stewie’s ship bay is 3515.
  • Stewie says farewell to Bertram using 'shave and a haircut'.
  • Stewie asks the family to inform when the 1970s detective series Kojak comes on television.
  • To make Peter cry, Stewie and Bertram perform the Joe Cocker and Jennifer Warnes duet “Up Where We Belong,” popularized by the 1982 film An Officer and a Gentleman. This caused Peter to exclaim “I love you, Louis Gossett, Jr.,” an actor featured in the film.
  • In this episode Peter sings Lois a song about her name however he plays the song using his guitar that he once used years before in the singing group called Hand Full of Peter. which Lois was a part of, however in "Deep Throats" Lois mentions that she had not seen his guitar in ages.
  • The ship’s computer voice of Majel Barrett is the same computer voice heard in all of the Star Trek series.
  • Both Barrett and Wallace Shawn appeared in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, as Lwaxana Troi and Grand Nagus Zek respectively. Seth MacFarlane is a self-proclaimed Star Trek fan.
  • Stewie cues “Lost in Love” from the 1980s soft rock band Air Supply on his ship.
  • Peter watches the 1960s Batman television series while Lois is preparing for sex.
  • Stewie and Bertram both exclaim their hatred of actor Jason Patric.
  • Peter refers to the Hulk as David Banner from the television series. In the comic books, The Incredible Hulk's secret identity is actually Bruce Banner.

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