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  • A draft of the script that was available in a charity auction listed several characters that did not appear in the broadcast cut of the episode, including Batman, Commissioner Gordon, Robin, Captain Stubing, Jeffrey Dahmer and Philip Seymour Hoffman.
  • "Hot Blooded" by Foreigner plays during Chris' fireman shoot.
  • "Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head" by BJ Thomas plays during the montage at the park.
  • Joe's voice mail is sung to the tune of "Your Love" by The Outfield.
  • Chris breaks into "The Hamsterdance", an early video meme attributed to Hampton the Hamster, originally located at[1]
Crack error
  • Peter plays "Songbird" by Kenny G with Cleveland's saxophone.
  • When Peter switches masks, his butt crack was never drawn in.
  • The title of this episode only applies to the first act and then delves into the Chris subplot for the rest, similar to "Long John Peter".

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