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Episodes in this Volume

Disc 1

Disc 2

Disc 3

Special Features

Deleted Scenes

  • 420
    • Papa Smurf and the Pee Bag Fairy
    • How Awesome a Flower Looks
    • Pot Baggie!
  • Not All Dogs Go to Heaven
    • Can't We Just Get Our Own Food?
    • Zombie Reagan
    • Cleveland's Church
  • Stew-roids
    • Asian In-Laws
    • How Bonnie Lost Her Baby Weight
    • Doll Car Rental Agency
    • Real Men Hate Folk Music
  • We Love You, Conrad
    • Stealth Jews and Wedding Cakes
  • Family Goy
    • Joe Tries to Explain the Internet
    • I'm a Nutty Doctor
    • Self-Circumcision
  • Brian's Got a Brand New Bag
    • Evolve Much?
    • Thanks for T-ing My D
    • 9/12 Terrorists
    • Penguin from Out of Town
    • Racial Business
  • Spies Reminiscent of Us
    • Leper Colony Games
    • I Wonder How Chris is Doing
  • Quagmire's Baby
    • Reagan, Brady and Peter
    • Story Time with Quagmire
    • Tobacco Chewing Hamster
    • The Naming of the New World
    • Al Pacino's Laundromat
  • Hannah Banana
    • Worse Father Than an Alcoholic Elephant
  • Road to the Multiverse
    • Other People's Kid
    • Alright/Not Alright
    • Jesus, Buddha & Shakti Face Unemployment
    • Eggs & Bacon!
    • Ben Franklin, Dancer
  • Dog Gone
    • There's No News to Report Tonight
    • The Invention of Sex
    • Look at the Wonderful Thing I've Done
    • Consuela Meets Meg
    • You're That Brian Griffin?
    • Not Very Sexy Party
    • It's My New Ringtone
    • Ike, This is Tina
    • Peter's Tongue Twister
    • Animals Killing Animals
    • What the Hell Happened to Patches?
    • Quagmire and the Hamster
    • Brian in the Bathtub
  • Jerome is the New Black
    • Jerome Schools the Fellas
    • Muffican Jam


Featurette: "Road to the Multiverse"

Family Guy Karaoke



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