• Despite the promise in the opening credits, the Greased-up Deaf Guy does not appear in the episode.
  • Mrs. Lockheart gives a lesson on George Orwell’s 1984. 1984 is also the name of a Van Halen album which contains the song "Hot for Teacher", which has a music video which features a female teacher stripping.
  • Chris mistakes Brian’s Mark Twain for Cap’n Crunch. Brian, as Mark Twain, declares former president James Garfield’s short term in office corrupt.
  • A flashback depicts Vincent van Gogh giving a woman his ear, then his penis.
  • After Peter reminds Lois about his classic “naked spaceman” get-up, she seductively asks him if he wants some Tang. Tang was a popular beverage among astronauts during space missions; it is also a double entendre, as an abbreviated reference to a slang term for female genitalia.
  • There are two incest jokes in this episode:
    • A cutaway implies that sibling singers Donny and Marie Osmond had sex together. They are known for their “squeaky clean” Mormon image.
    • Peter used to be one of the Wonder Twins from the Super Friends. Unlike Zan, he doesn’t transform into a form of water. Rather, he takes the shape of Jayna’s tampon, hops into her purse, and proceeds to play “the waiting game.”
  • Peter tells Lois she didn’t give him his Batman drinking glass.
  • One of the remedial kids writes a dim-witted report on Great Expectations.
  • While teaching Romeo and Juliet, Brian puts on a fake urban hip-hop persona and calls Tupac Shakur and Biggie his boys. Brian says that Biggie and Tupac represented the West side, even though both of them are from the East but only Tupac represented the West.
  • After Peter gets amnesia in a flashback, he thinks he’s Larry from Three's Company.
  • The Griffins are about to watch Joan of Arcadia but are interrupted by the news.
  • Stewie compares Peter’s underwear to a Jackson Pollock painting.
  • Stewie says he had a dream where he was hatched by Elisabeth Hasselbeck, a co-host on The View.
  • When Seth MacFarlane guest-starred on a season 12 episode of MADtv, he used the scene where Peter and Lois suspect Chris of killing his teacher’s husband in a sketch where MacFarlane reveals that he had planned two prototypical versions of Family Guy; one done in live action (with Seth as Peter, Arden Myrin as Lois, Bobby Lee as Stewie, Frank Caeti as Chris, and Crista Flanagan as Meg), which was rejected after Crista dies during her window jumping stunt; and another done with Seth as the voice of Peter, Dane Cook (Ike Barinholtz) as Chris, Snoop Dogg (Keegan-Michael Key) as Stewie, Queen Latifah (Nicole Randall Johnson) as Meg, and Kathy Griffin (Nicole Parker) as Lois.

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