Ferdinand Magellan

Ferdinand Magellan (c. 1480 – 27 April 1521) was a Portuguese explorer. He was born in Sabrosa, in northern Portugal, and served King Charles I of Spain in search of a westward route to the "Spice Islands". Magellan's expedition of 1519–1522 became the first expedition to sail from the Atlantic Ocean into the Pacific Ocean, and the first to cross the Pacific. It also completed the first circumnavigation of the Earth, although Magellan himself did not complete the entire voyage, being killed during the Battle of Mactan in Cebu, Philippines.

In "Killer Queen", Stewie says he believed he could forgive Brian for pranking him just as Magellan forgave the "Land Ho" prankster. On his voyage, Magellan falls victims to pranks by the prankster, but puts up with him since he's the best land spotter around.

He is voiced by John Viener.