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[Peter goes to the bathrooms at the Chinese restaurant, but doesn't understand the themed gender labels]
Peter: Huh, samurai or geishas ... Which one am I? I'll just wait 'til somebody else goes in.
[Two Asian people with unidentifiable genders go into both bathrooms]
Peter: Well, that wasn't helpful.

Anthropologie Store Owner: Sir, sir, there's nothing you can possibly imagine, that's strange or useless enough, that we don't have it here at Anthropologie.

[Peter watches two girls taking a dump, in the bathroom of a tennis club]
Peter: Deuce.

Peter: Oh, my God. Are ... Are you the coolest guy ever?
Stryker': Nah, that's just a silly title they gave me down at the Karate Paintball Dirtbike Club.

[Peter meets George Clooney]
George Clooney: Hi, George Clooney, second worst Batman.
Peter: Peter Griffin, second best Homer.

Peter: Ugh, it's the guys. What do those losers want?
Lois: Losers? Those are your friends.
Peter: Nah, they're lame. Not one of them has ever vaped at a funeral.

[Peter has an awkward car ride with Jerry Seinfeld]
Peter: Julia Louis Dreyfus has a lot of Emmys now.
Jerry Seinfeld: Yeah.
Peter: Why did your wife steal that cook book?

Quagmire: Why are you wearing a douche suit?
Peter: They also make wipes!
Joe: They're not known for their wipes.

Cleveland: Peter, you don't have to jump off a cliff to prove you're sorry.
Quagmire: Not all of us believe that, but we took a vote and I agreed. I respect the majority.

[Peter gets hit in the testicles with a bag of nickels]
Peter: Aaaah! Nickels!

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