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Friends and Lovers
Friends and Lovers

From the episode: Peter's Two Dads
Singers: Chris Griffin, Herbert
Voices: Seth Green, Mike Henry

"Friends and Lovers" is the title of a pop song from 1986. The song was first recorded as a duet by Gloria Loring and Carl Anderson in 1985 and featured several times in the soap opera Days of Our Lives in which Loring also starred. That recording remained unreleased until the summer of 1986, when it was released shortly after a version by Juice Newton and Eddie Rabbitt hit country radio. The country version featured the altered title of "Both to Each Other (Friends and Lovers)". Under both titles, the song became a Billboard magazine number one hit: Newton and Rabbitt's hit #1 country, and Loring and Anderson's topped the Adult Contemporary chart, while also climbing to #2 on the Hot 100 pop chart.

Chris Griffin, and Herbert unbeknownst to Chris, both sing at Meg’s birthday party in "Peter's Two Dads", as part of the entertainment.


Chris: I don't know what we're afraid of...

Nothing would change if we made love.

So I'll be...your...friend

Herbert: And I'll be...your...lover.

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