• Drunken Peter refers to the commonly misheard line of Stewie's, "Laugh and cry", in the theme song after shooing him away. The line is commonly mistaken as "effin' cry", and when drunk, Peter does not care for the difference.
  • Brian makes a point of wondering if AA members have a choice. This criticism is based around the panning of AA as a cult group.[1]
  • Peter had previously joked about being an alcoholic in "Stuck Together, Torn Apart".
  • The film that Peter and Brian watch in live action at the double feature at the Quahog Cinema is The Sound of Music. Peter wonders if he has landed in Narnia when he drunkenly crashes through the movie screen.
  • It's implied that Stewie may have an abusive preschool teacher. An abusive preschool teacher would later appear in "Be Careful What You Fish For".
  • When Brian talks about his new friend's cats, Peter starts to talk about the Nickelodeon TV series CatDog.
  • Stewie's taste for abuse is mentioned in this episode when he disguises himself with a mustache to get a second cigar burn from an alternate Peter. This was first mentioned in "Peter's Two Dads".
  • Ollie Williams is hinted at having formerly spoken long, sophisticated sentences before drinking for years.
  • It seems that if Peter had never drank alcoholic beverages, Cleveland Brown's life path would not have been affected, as only Joe and Quagmire of the original four are hanging out at the Clam drinking beer.
  • The song that Peter plays before his fatal car crash is "Hushabye Mountain" from the movie musical Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.
  • During the movie trivia slides, Peter does not know who Tom Hanks is, while in "Death Has a Shadow" he identifies him as "the guy from Big".
  • This is the first appearance of Death since "Meet the Quagmires", which aired almost four years prior to this episode. The gap would have been shorter, had the role of Emperor Palpatine not been recast for Something, Something, Something, Dark Side according to the DVD commentary.

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