• In the fight scene, the American flag on Herbert's right arm appears in one shot only, and is replaced by his corporal's stripes in all other shots.
  • Herbert claims to have been a Lieutenant in World War II. However, when he puts his old uniform on later in the episode, it has corporal's stripes on the sleeves.
  • When Franz want to give Peter a German wall clock, there are three clocks on the wall, but when Herbert and Franz are fighting, there are pictures of a church, pine tree and a castle instead.
  • Peter gets shot in the arm by Chris but when Chris discovers the window his arm is fine.
  • When Franz is falling onto the ground after slipping on the step we can see Herbert reaching out to try and save him, but in the following scene Herbert is nowhere seen trying to reach out to Franz, but then reappears the following scene after that.

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